Jeff RendelJeff Rendel, Certified Speaking Professional, helps you bring about elite results – in leadership, sales, and strategy.

His One Percent Systems™ and programs follow a straightforward, pioneering blueprint: Elite thinking warrants elite choices; Elite choices call for elite actions; and, Elite actions generate elite results.

These results lead to the Elite One Percent™ position in your industry, marketplace, and profession.  Scores of exceptional organizations and their leaders avidly speak of this standing and strategy as – distinctly – E1™.

In broadening your elite thinking – One Percent Systems™ make it clear that organizations and achievers accomplish more and move forward faster with a riveting image of their deliberate future and decided plan to attain victory.  

While helping to devise your elite choices – the paths you will take and, just as significant, the ones you will avoid – One Percent Systems™ establish a declaration that your business and profession can and will produce – simultaneously – impressive financial performance, increased loyalty from customers, and leaders at every level of your organization.

When focused on your elite actions – the substance that sets you apart – One Percent Systems™ give particular emphasis to the day-in-day-out actions that secure success when carried out with first-rate talent and resources.

Your elite results flow from: looking right through the imprecise lens of conventional wisdom; implementing only the finest strategies; and, invigorating enterprise-wide leadership for the vision, ambitions, and outlook for your organization’s future.

To discover how Jeff Rendel and every part of his One Percent Systems™ and programs can help you produce the elite results you seek – increased profits, amplified market share, and untouchable organizational competitiveness – call 951.340.3770 or email



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